10 Inspiring Workspace Illustration Ideas

When you think of the workplace, what comes to mind? To us, it’s a place where we can set my ideas on the table and have them heard. It’s somewhere where we can collaborate with others in order to create something brilliant. The workplace no longer simply provides a place for you to work. It’s now a hub of activity, where people can interact, socialize, collaborate and learn. We’ve curated 10 inspiring workspace illustrations from our collection showing the diversity of creative workspaces.


A startup team member showing his presentation.



A woman and a man talking in the co-working space.



A woman checking the office printer.



Two startup founders discussing in the co-working booth.



A man talking with another team member in a zoom meeting on a sofa.



A woman working from home.



A man working at a standing desk from home.



A startup founder working in a co-working booth.



Two startup team members discussing the project timeline.



A startup team reviewing the website performance.


Workspace has changed a lot over the years, but we’re still seeing more changes in the future. We think that these changes will be for the better—and they’ll make it easier for businesses to work together and collaborate with each other.

We hope you’ll find these workspace illustration ideas useful. If you need to create workspace illustrations for your website, use Artitor to create your own workspace illustrations in minutes. It’s simple, fast, and fun!

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